How To Save On Sightseeing When Traveling

Most every destination offers free attractions and discount coupons



How To Find Last-Minute Hotel Deals

Find out what the best online booking sites are for last-minute hotel deals.


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When Using Group Coupons, Taxes May Damper Deals

They are group coupon sites that deliver steep discounts. Millions of users visit web sites like Groupon or Living Social to cash in on daily deals. But when you go to redeem that coupon, you might want to look twice at what you’re paying in taxes.


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The Good Life For Less: Refunds On Group-Buying Coupons

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t returned a gift or something else they bought that just didn’t work for them. So why should a coupon/certificate from a group-buying website like LivingSocial, Groupon and Crowd Cut be any different?


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The Good Life For Less: Half-Off Flights

If you want to get away this summer, check out this deal on Groupon today.


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How Good Are Groupon Deals?

Remember when clipping coupons was the best way to save money? These days, however, more and more Minnesotans are “clicking” coupons on websites with daily deals.


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Minnesota Man Sues Groupon Over Expiration Dates

Groupon Inc., an online provider of daily e-mails offering deals on everything from restaurants to dance lessons, was sued Tuesday by a Minnesota man who alleges the expiration dates on the company’s discounts are deceptive and illegal.


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Conan Shows Even More Offensive Groupon Ads

After the Bowl, Chad talked about the “controversy” over Groupon’s Tibet ad. Now Conan’s jumped into the fray with some pseudo-Bowl ads also alleged to be from Groupon. Check out our links.


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Groupon – Tibet Super Bowl Ad

There’s been controversy over Groupon’s pseduo-PSA that some say mocks the problems in Tibet. We’ve got a link to the ad, in case you missed it.


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The Good Life For Less: Strength In Numbers … And Deals Too!

There’s power in numbers and now there are discounts in numbers too!