H.S. League To Workshop Transgender Athlete Guidelines Before VoteThe Minnesota State High School League will be holding a meeting Wednesday to discuss a controversial proposal that would implement guidelines for transgender athletes.
Health Watch: New Guidelines Encourage Pregnant Women To Eat More FishA recent survey of pregnant women found most are eating little or no fish. Now, the federal government is out with new recommendations to try to change that. The concern is bigger fish have higher mercury levels, which can harm a developing brain.
Identifying Kids Who Would Benefit From Ear TubesEar tubes are the No. 1 reason children get surgery in the United States. Until now, there were no guidelines to help doctors identify who should get the procedure -- and who shouldn't.
Minn. School’s Adjust To USDA Lunch GuidelinesMinnesota schools are adjusting after the USDA issued new guidelines on the amount of fat and calories contained in snacks made available in lunchrooms.
Cervical Cancer Guidelines May Mean Fewer Doctor TripsThere are new guidelines out about cervical cancer screening. And, for many women, it will mean fewer trips to the doctor's office.

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