Mom Bites Into Son’s Halloween Candy, Gets Mouthful Of PinsA northern Minnesota mother is advising parents to check their children’s Halloween candy after she bit into one of her son’s Snickers bars and found it full of pins.
Got Extra Halloween Candy? Donate It To The TroopsBlue Star Mothers of America is asking that you donate your excess Halloween candy to a good cause.
Look For Teal Pumpkins At Allergy-Friendly Homes This HalloweenThousands of families nationwide are taking part in the "Teal Pumpkin Project." The project was started last year by the non-profit group food allergy research and education or fare.
Good Questions: Caller ID, Halloween Candy & Wisdom TeethSandy asks: Why does caller ID sometimes show your own phone number? It is called "spoofing," and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says it is against the law.
Best Non-Candy Items To Give Trick Or TreatersIf you're hoping to hand out something other than sugar to the kids on Halloween this year, you'll want to make sure you do it right. Here are five fun things to offer this year that will keep the kids happy.
Good Question: How Much Halloween Candy Should Kids Eat?We know two bad things about candy for sure: it's basically sugar, which causes tooth decay, and its empty calories can lead to obesity. But really, how bad is it for kids to chow down on their bounty of Halloween candy? Deb Sheats is the director of the dietetic program at St. Catherine's University.
Doctor: How To Address Obesity & Halloween CandyHalloween is on Thursday, and while many of us are stocking up on candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters, a woman in Fargo is planning to hand out a controversial letter.
N.D. Woman To Give 'Obese' Kids Advice, Not Halloween CandyA Fargo, N.D. woman is at the center of controversy after vowing to hand not Halloween candy but instead letters to children she deems "overweight," warning them about their health.
Pick-A-Side: Which Is The Best Halloween Candy? Choose your favorite Halloween candy!
Finding The Best, Worst Halloween Candy For Your TeethParents might want to check what their kid gets for candy this Halloween once they are done trick-or-treating. It turns out some candy is much worse for you than others. A study by insurer Delta Dental says chocolate isn't as bad, but avoid hard or chewy candies if you can.
Home Nutrition: Is Trick Or Treating Worth It?It may be hard for parents to lay down a no-candy law for their kids on this sweetly scary night, but should they?
Better Alternatives For Halloween CandyTonight, a lot of little kids will dress up and head out to trick-or-treat, and come home with a big bag of candy. We know all of that sugar isn't great for anyone, but not all of those treats are created equal.

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