Salvation Army Working To Keep Homeless From HeatHousing nearly 600 people a night is typical for the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center. But those numbers remain steady with the hot weather, barely giving staff a break to prepare adequate room.
Salvation Army Reaching Out To Homeless During Brutal Cold SnapThe Salvation Army is welcoming people without shelter to use its eight Twin Cities worship and service centers, as well as its Harbor Light shelter in downtown Minneapolis during the dangerous cold snap. Staff at Harbor Light are planning for people to be inside for the next 48 hours or more, beginning on Saturday night. Staff say they have plenty of blankets, extra food and warm beverages on hand.
Heat Wave Shows The Value Of Air Conditioning The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center is not just a refuge from the streets. During the current heat wave, it's where Bryant Devine finds momentary relief from the heat.
Homeless: When Cold, 'It's Rough Out There' We're seeing record breaking lows in some parts of Minnesota. So how are the homeless weathering the climate?

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