Good Question: How Long Are Our Roads Supposed To Last?We are officially in road construction season -- also known as spring and summer in Minnesota. So, how long are our roads supposed to last? Good Question.
Good Question: How Are Tax Returns Processed In Minnesota? This year, the state of Minnesota expects to process 2.7 million tax returns. Almost two-thirds of Minnesotans have already filed, and the state says it’s issued one million refunds so far.
Good Question: Where Do Delegates Go When Candidates Drop Out?Almost two weeks after Marco Rubio dropped out of the race for President, he’s asking the delegates he won to vote for him at the Republican National Convention this summer.
Good Question: Why Can Some People Sing So Well?On Tuesday night, Late, Late Show host James Corden hosted a Carpool Karaoke special featuring Jennifer Lopez and Adele. So, why can some people sing well? And others can't? Good Question.
Good Question: What Does It Mean To Be Healthy?A new study in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings comes to a pretty depressing conclusion. Only 3 percent of Americans live what's considered a healthy lifestyle. So, what does it mean to be healthy? Good Question.
Good Questions: Tax On Gas, Leftover Campaign Money & Baby Due DatesEach Friday, Heather Brown answers some of our viewers' burning questions that we didn't have a chance to get to during the week. So, let's get started!
Good Question: How Do We Get Our Music?Do you stream your songs on your phone? Buy music on iTunes? Maybe you still get CDs? The recording industry announced this week that Americans have a new favorite way of listening to music.
Good Question: Where Is All The Heroin Coming From?The state says Violent Crime Enforcement teams took 82,000 doses of heroin off the streets last year. That is a 125-percent jump in just four years.
Good Question: Why Is It Hard To Predict Snowfall?We know it is going to snow Wednesday. We know it is going to be heavy and wet. We even have a good idea when the storm will start. But what is hard to pinpoint exactly is how much we will get.
Good Question: Why Do We Love The Walleye?In the land of 10,000 lakes, there are all kinds of fish we could catch, but Minnesotans seem to have a particular affinity for one. So, why do we love the walleye? Good Question.
Good Questions: NCAA TournamentEach Friday, Heather Brown answers some of our viewers' burning questions that we didn't have a chance to get to during the week. With March Madness starting this week, she looks at a few questions about the NCAA Tournament.
Good Question: What Does It Take To Become A Saint?Experts think as many as 10,000 people have been officially recognized by the Catholic Church as saints. So, what does it take to become a saint? Good Question.

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