House Public Safety Committee

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House Panel To Review Synthetic Drug Crackdown

A legislative panel will review a set of proposals intended to crack down on the sale of synthetic drugs. The House Public Safety Committee takes up the legislation Wednesday.


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House Panel Passes Background Checks At Gun Shows

A House panel will finally cast a vote on legislation revising the state’s gun laws.


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Minn. House Eyes Limits To Gun Access, Ownership

A half dozen police chiefs and sheriffs argued Tuesday in a packed Capitol hearing room that Minnesota isn’t doing enough to protect against gun violence, kicking off three days of hearings on a host of new proposed limits on firearm ownership.


Minnesota Responds To NRA Conference

Protesters twice interrupted the head of the NRA as he proposed armed security guards in every school in the United States.


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Bill Aims To Expand Rights To Use Deadly Force

The Minnesota Legislature opens hearings on a bill Thursday expanding the right of Minnesotans to use deadly force against intruders in their home, sometimes called the “Castle Doctrine.”