House Ways and Means Committee

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Lawmakers Seek Deeper Look At State Finances

Minnesota lawmakers want to dive deeper into the details of a state report showing a $1 billion budget surplus awaits them. The House Ways and Means Committee summoned state finance officials to a hearing Friday to give more information about the just-released revenue forecast.


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GOP House Structure Leans Rural

Republicans taking over the state House are forming committees that emphasize their rural/urban split with Democrats. The GOP reduced the number of committees overall even as it added new panels to focus on mining policy and jobs in greater Minnesota.


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Apology Comes Out For Glitches, But ‘Complex Issues’ Remain

Testifying before the Republican-led committee, the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Marilyn Tavenner, blamed contractors and high web traffic for’s poor performance.



Another Formerly Undecided Lawmaker Backs Gay Marriage

A DFL state representative, who’s also a Lutheran pastor, says he’ll vote to legalize gay marriage.


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Minimum Wage Hike Heads To Minn. House Floor

Minnesota is moving towards its first minimum wage hike since 2005. The House Ways and Means Committee planned Monday to advance a bill that would bump the state’s floor wage in three steps until it hits $9.50 per hour in 2015.


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Minn. GOP Questions ‘Cuts’ In Dayton Budget

Gov. Mark Dayton’s administration said Monday that what was initially billed as $225 million in spending cuts in his budget blueprint is actually $58 million less.


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Next Minn. Economic Outlook Due Feb. 28

Minnesota lawmakers are being told to expect a new state economic forecast on Feb. 28, but also being warned that more uncertainty from Washington will cloud the picture.


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Minn. Lawmakers Curious About Budget Post-Cliff

Minnesota lawmakers hope to learn more about how the recent fiscal cliff deal that temporarily averted an economic crisis is shaping the economic picture closer to home.


Downtown East

11th Hour Life For Vikings Stadium Bill

The final week of the legislative session is starting off with a double dose of Vikings stadium hearings. That plan has lurched back to life and it’s moving closer to votes by the full House and Senate.


Downtown East

Minn. House Revives Vikings Stadium Bill

A Minnesota House committee has revived the Vikings stadium subsidy as the proposal moves closer to votes by the full House and Senate.


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Cuts To Cities Made Temporary In Minn. Budget Bill

Legislative Republicans pushing a $1 billion package of spending cuts have softened the long-term effect on cities and counties.


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Paulsen Snags Spot On Influential House Committee

Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen of Minnesota has snared a seat on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.