Hurricane Irene

Satellite image of Hurricane Sandy (Photo by NOAA via Getty Images)

What Hurricane Sandy’s ‘Perfect Storm’ Could Mean For Minn.

Hurricane Sandy is on a collision course with one of the most populated areas of the United States. New Jersey is preparing for a possible direct-hit. Hurricane Irene slammed many communities there last year – so they’re taking no chances with this time around.


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2011: A Wild Year For Minn., U.S. Weather

For many, 2011 will be remembered as a year of wild weather. Storms were historic, deadly and costly.


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A Refreshing Change to Over The Top Reporters

After seeing reporters hanging on to lamp posts and being blown across streets, it was refreshing to see a young girls perspective on Hurricane Irene. Click here to see the video.


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Hurricane Hysteria

The Daily Beast put together a list of 9 media overreactions to Hurricane Irene. Read the list.



CBS Moneywatch Editor On Wall Street Week

CBS Moneywatch editor at large Jill Schlesinger joined Dave Lee to preview the week ahead on Wall Street


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N.C. Family Sweats Out Irene At Red Wing Wedding

Hurricane Irene is roughly 1,500 miles from Minnesota, but there are people here who are paying close attention to the damage.


Hurricane Irene Heads Toward U.S.

Hurricane Hilarity

Hurricanes aren’t meant to be funny, but reporters standing out in the middle of the hurricane does have some humorous qualities. Here is a compilation, and guys who fly into storms.