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Invest That Tax Refund In Yourself

What is your largest asset? It’s your ability to earn a living!


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How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Regardless of how your 2013 was, everyone gets a fresh start on Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014. For many, they mark this new beginning with a resolution. Much like the first day of school, looking at your goals for the year can be daunting.


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Money Answers Finance Expert On WCCO Morning News

Nationally known personal finance expert and author Jordan Goodman made his monthly visit to Dave Lee and the WCCO Morning News on Tuesday.


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Dave Lee Interviews CBS Moneywatch Editor On WCCO Morning News

Jill Schlesinger talked with Dave Lee on Friday morning about the uptick in the economy


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Moneyanswers Finance Expert Jordan Goodman With Dave Lee

Personal finance expert Jordan Goodman joined Dave Lee for some money talk on Tuesday morning.


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Good Question: How Much Should I Save For Retirement?

There’s nothing sexy about saving for retirement. We all know we should be doing it, but with monthly and weekly financial obligations, it can be hard to start saving for what can be an intimidating and distant target.


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Money Answers Expert Jordan Goodman On WCCO Morning News

Jordan Goodman joined Dave Lee for a short discussion of mortgage deals and investment advice on Tuesday morning


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CBS Moneywatch Report From Jill Schlesinger

Investment advice from Money watch editor at large Jill Schlesinger.


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CBS Moneywatch Editor Jill Schlesinger On Wall Street

Could 2012 be a re-run of the past two volatile years?


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National Personal Finance Expert Jordan Goodman On WCCO Radio

Money answers expert Jordan Goodman joined Dave Lee Tuesday on the WCCO Morning News


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CBS Editor Jill Schlesinger On WCCO

Jill Schlesinger joined John Hines from Wall Street Monday morning with a preview of the week ahead in business.



CBS Moneywatch Editor On Wall Street Week

CBS Moneywatch editor at large Jill Schlesinger joined Dave Lee to preview the week ahead on Wall Street


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Moneywatch Editor Jill Schlesinger Previews Wall Street Week

CBS Moneywatch editor at large Jill Schlesinger joined John Hines on the WCCO Morning News to preview the start of a turbulent week on Wall Street


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Wall Street Week Preview From CBS Moneywatch

Analysts are saying it could be a turbulent week on Wall Street.


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Moneyanswers Expert Jordan Goodman On Morning News

Personal finance expert Jordan Goodman paid his monthly visit to the WCCO Morning News.


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Ex-Vikes’ Yary, Others Sue Voigt Over Investments

Ex-Minnesota Vikings’ player Ron Yary is suing former teammate Stu Voigt over some bad investments.


Jury: Wells Fargo to Pay $30 million

Wells Fargo has been ordered to pay nearly $30 million to four nonprofits who argued their investments were not safe, as the bank contended.