John Hines

John Hines- deer in yard

A Deer In John Hines’ Backyard

Hunters, there’s no reason to head north. First stop should be Hines’ backyard!

830 WCCO–11/08/2010

9/20/10 HINESight – Steve Thomson in for John

Dr David Hilden of HCMC and WCCO’s Healthy Matters joins Steve to discuss this years supply of flu vaccine and answers questions about H1N1. Was it blown out of proportion.


HINESight with John Hines – 9/16/10

John gets tech-y as he interviews tech guru Mitch Hislop on the latest news in that area.  A new TV show will be debuting this weekend.  “Flightline” will introduce topics in the world of aviation.  […]


9/13/10 HINESight

Could you go 1 week without social networking? Harris burg University is conducting a study to see how students deal without being connected. Johns speaks with a professor and a student to see how it’s […]


9/13/10 Hinesight with John Hines

John talks to Fox 9 Anchor Marni Hughes, a Numerologist who tells us what the significance is of 10-10-10 plus, John wonders if you have any regrets?


8/30/10 Hinesight

John Hines is joined by Dan Burns of Lloyds Automotive to discuss gas mileage myths.


HINESight with John Hines – 8/27/10

John talks the most favored food at the State Fair with Aaron Landry from  And AFI has released their new list of the top 100 movie quotes of all-time.  John recalls his favorites.