John Nance

(credit: Mike Ekern/St. Thomas)

Tommies Blog: Tauer Named Division III Coach Of The Year

Two weeks have passed since the college basketball season, and St. Thomas coach John Tauer is still kicking himself at how the year ended despite one of the most successful seasons in history of the program.


(credit: Mike Ekern/St. Thomas)

Tommies Blog: St. Thomas Denied Bid At NCAA Title

This week was spring break at the University of St. Thomas, and men’s basketball coach John Tauer said half-jokingly he’s miserable. It’s got nothing to do with school, but rather that he’s not preparing to play for a national championship.


(credit: Greg Smith/St. Thomas)

Tommies Blog: St. Thomas 1 Win Away From Virginia

Saturday night promises to be both exciting and bittersweet for the St. Thomas men’s basketball team. The Tommies (28-1), ranked No. 1 in Division III, host No. 12-ranked Calvin College (Michigan) in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament.


John Nance, a fifth-year senior, is pleased he left his scholarship to play QB at the U of M to come and lead the point for the Tommies. (credit: Thomas Whisenand/University of St. Thomas)

Tommies Blog: St. Thomas Hosts Wheaton In NCAA 2nd Round

The road to a championship is never an easy one, and the St. Thomas basketball team isn’t expecting an easy match-up when it faces Wheaton College Saturday night.


The business major and French minor has a 3.5 GPA and runs his own summer basketball camp for nearly 100 athletes. (credit: Mike Ekern/University of St. Thomas)

Tommies Blog: St. Thomas Gets Ready For MIAC Playoffs

The St. Thomas basketball team is in an unusual spot this weekend, but it’s one they welcome. They can sit and rest, while four teams battle for three playoff spots on Saturday.


Tommy Hannon (left) and John Nance lead the No. 1-ranked Tommies and the two St. Paul natives have been inseparable since fifth-grade little league baseball. (credit: Mike Ekern/University of St. Thomas)

Beyond Bounds: Best Friends Tommy Hannon & John Nance Go 1-On-1

The best friend dynamic between St. Thomas’ John Nance and Tommy Hannon is so genuine, so goofy, and so … simply entertaining that I found myself momentarily forgetting to interview two of the cornerstones for […]


(credit: Greg Smith/St. Thomas)

Tommies Blog: St. Thomas Clinches MIAC Playoff Berth

There is still plenty to be decided in the MIAC men’s basketball season, but St. Thomas knows one thing: They’re in the playoffs.


(credit: St. Thomas Basketball)

Tommies Blog: 8-0 St. Thomas Hosts No. 5 Steven’s Point Friday

John Tauer is in just his second year as head coach of the St. Thomas men’s basketball program, but he seems to be pushing all the right buttons.