John Tauer

(credit: St. Thomas Basketball)

Tommies Blog: 8-0 St. Thomas Hosts No. 5 Steven’s Point Friday

John Tauer is in just his second year as head coach of the St. Thomas men’s basketball program, but he seems to be pushing all the right buttons.


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Good Question: Why Are We So Loyal To Our Schools?

Over the next several days, high school seniors will walk across the stage, flip their tassel to the other side of the mortarboard cap and become an alumnus. College students have done the same the past couple weeks. In this season of graduation, Rick Tuomala wondered: Why are people so loyal to their schools?


(credit: St. Thomas Basketball)

Tommies Blog: Tauer Lands His ‘Dream Job’

It would be an understatement to say that John Tauer landed his dream job when offered the men’s basketball coaching job at the University of St. Thomas on April 20.


(credit: University of St. Thomas)

St. Thomas Names Tauer Head Men’s Basketball Coach

St. Thomas has named John Tauer head men’s basketball coach after he served as interim coach last season.


(credit: Mike Ekern/University of St. Thomas)

Tommies Blog: St. Thomas Teams Gear Up For NCAA Playoffs

It’s been quite a winter over at the St. Thomas campus in St. Paul as two basketball teams are gearing up for the NCAA Tournament.


(credit: Hennepin County Jail)

Good Question: Are Athletes Arrested More Than Others?

The arrest of a Minnesota Vikings player over the weekend for domestic assault brought the team into the lead of a very dubious category: most arrests of any team in the NFL over the past 11 years. But do professional athletes get arrested more than the rest of us?




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