News Click: Is Kissing Cheating?
Good Question: Why Do We Kiss To Show Affection?This Valentine's Day, you'll probably be doing a little smooching. But why do we swap saliva to show someone we love them? Why do we kiss? Good Question.
John Williams Video Smackdown for 7-18A Basketball Dunk vs. a Basketball Kiss....Vote for today's champ on the Video Smack Down!
John Williams Video Smackdown for 7-17A Presidential smooch tries to unseat our week long champ on today's video smackdown!
Kissing Prank Offends Some At Minn. High School A Minnesota high school principal is apologizing for a pep rally prank earlier this month in which blindfolded students were surprised to find they had kissed their parents in front of hundreds of classmates.
Experts: HPV Is Causing Oral Cancer In MenWomen have been warned about the dangers of the human papilloma virus (HPV) for years, but men now face the risk of oral cancer.
Twins' Guard Reprimanded For Scolding Lesbian CoupleA Target Field security guard has been reprimanded for allegedly scolding a lesbian couple for kissing.

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