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Lake Harriet Hosts The Winter Kite Festival

Colorful kites will take to the skies in Minneapolis Saturday as part of the Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival. Bring your own kite to the north end of the lake, or buy one there, and let it fly.


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Fun Flies High At Bloomington’s Kite Festival

Looking for a fun family activity outdoors, head to Bloomington Saturday for the Flying Colors Kite Festival. The Minnesota Kite Society hosts the annual Flying Colors Festival as a celebration of this high flying toy. You’ll see everything from the most basic model, to the more elaborate — they come in all colors, shapes and sizes.


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Snow-Kiting: A Cool New Minnesota Sport?

If you like skiing, or just want to try something new this winter. Snow-kiting might be right up your alley!


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Man Cited for Flying 'UFO' Kite

A 34 year-old man faces disorderly conduct and other charges for flying a kite that looked like a UFO.