Labor Unions

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Minn. Labor Unions, GOP Fight Over ‘Right To Work’

Minnesota labor unions are bracing for what could be a national fight over what’s called “right to work.”


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Labor Unions Stand With OccupyMN Protesters

Labor unions joined the front lines Saturday in what Occupy Minnesota has termed “the fight against corporate greed.”


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Labor Unions Adjust To New Reality Under Obama

In the early days of the Obama administration, organized labor had grand visions of pushing through a sweeping agenda that would help boost sagging membership and help revive union strength.


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Labor Threats Carry Poignancy For Irish-Americans

In a year when the questions of union power and the responsibility of governments to their employees have taken center stage, St. Patrick’s Day is taking on dual meaning for many Irish-Americans, with their rich ties to the labor movement.


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Neither Side Budging In Wisconsin Union Fight

No resolution appeared imminent Monday to the stalemate over union rights in Wisconsin, leaving Senate Republicans resigned to forge ahead with less-controversial business such as tax breaks for dairy farmers and commending the Green Bay Packers on winning the Super Bowl.


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Labor In Big For Dayton Post-Election

Gripped by tight limits during the campaign, labor unions wrote hefty checks to a post-election account for Democrat Mark Dayton after it appeared clear he would win Minnesota’s close race for governor.