Experts: Climate Primary Factor On Lake Levels Placing water retention structures in the St. Clair River may not be enough to counteract the effects of a warming climate and raise Lakes Huron and Michigan to their normal levels, experts said Monday.
Recent Rains Are Chipping Away At Drought StatusComing on the heels of the driest autumn on record and a mild winter, the recent rains are just what we've needed, according to Climatologist Greg Spoden.
Snow Could Help White Bear Lake Levels, TemporarilyWhile this near record snow levels has communities across the stating bracing for possible record flooding, White Bear Lake is just hoping the water levels keep rising.
Good Question: Can We Use Snow To Fill Low Lakes?In Minnesota we have two problems: too much snow piled up and too little water in some of our lakes. So why not solve them both at once? Why can't we haul our extra snow and dump it in White Bear Lake?

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