Lake Superior Zoo

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Duluth Zoo’s Kodiak Bear Phoebe Is Euthanized

Officials at the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth say they have euthanized their 28-year-old Kodiak brown bear, Phoebe.


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Lake Superior Zoo Seeks Funding After 2012 Flooding

Officials with the Lake Superior Zoo will seeking funding from the State Legislature after major flooding in 2012 caused significant damage to the area. Representatives from the zoo met with Duluth Mayor Don Ness and administrators late last week.


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Northland Still Rebuilding After Devastating Floods

One year ago, Minnesota’s northland experienced some of the worst flooding it had seen in years. Heavy rain came so fast that roads washed away, creating large sinkholes. More than 3,000 homes were damaged. One year later, Duluth and the surrounding areas are still rebuilding.


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Duluth Still Recovering 1 Year After Flooding

It came on faster than anyone could have imagined. One year ago today, 10 inches of rain fell north of the Twin Cities in Duluth, causing widespread flooding. And today a lot of rebuilding still needs to be done. Many roads washed away from the force of the water and created sinkholes large enough to swallow cars.


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Como Zoo Polar Bear Recoups After Surgery

Como Zoo’s 23-year-old female polar bear, Berlin, has made a strong recovery after undergoing major surgery at the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Medical Center.


Duluth Flooding 2012 June

Duluth Zoo Facing Citation After Animals Drowned In Flood

The Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth is now facing a citation after several animals drowned there during this summer’s flooding.


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Duluth Polar Bear Now On Display At Como Zoo

The polar bear who was displaced from her zoo in Duluth during flash flooding earlier this year is now on public display in St. Paul.


Duluth Flooding 2012 June

Fundraiser Set For Flood-Damaged Duluth Zoo

A fundraiser will be held this week in Duluth to benefit the flood-damaged Lake Superior Zoo.


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Duluth Zoo Reopens To Visitors Following Floods

Nearly a month after flooding washed out much of the Northland, a Duluth zoo is celebrating a big step forward.


Duluth Flooding 2012 June

Duluth Zoo Officials Facing Scrutiny Over Alarm System

Security issues have the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth under scrutiny after about a dozen animals died in recent flood.


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PETA Demands Legal Action After Zoo Animal Drownings

The animal rights group PETA is pressing for legal action after a number of animals at a Duluth zoo were killed amid flash flooding.


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Duluth Cleans Up As Floods Persist To South

Residents of Duluth began Thursday to assess the damage from flooding caused by historic rainfall, even as areas farther south continued to fight rising waters.


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Lake Superior Zoo Animals Moving To Como Zoo During Clean Up

A couple of seals were actually able to make their way out of the park Wednesday. They, along with some other zoo animals, are now coming to the Como Zoo in St. Paul.


Duluth Flooding 2012 June

Flooding Prompts State Of Emergency In Duluth

Duluth Mayor Don Ness has declared a state of emergency due to the serious flooding in his northeastern Minnesota city. More than five inches of rain in less than 24 hours caused the major flooding, according to city officials.


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Ailing Tiger, 19, Euthanized At Lake Superior Zoo

An ailing tiger has been euthanized at Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth.



Baby Lemur Dies At Lake Superior Zoo In Duluth

A month-old lemur has died at the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth.


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Duluth Police Officer Involved In Shooting

Police say a Duluth officer shot at a man after he allegedly grabbed at an officer’s weapon, outside a home near the Lake Superior Zoo.