One Of A Kind: Were You Born On One Of These Uncommon Days?Everyone's birthday is unique, of course, but some people were born on days where newborns are infrequent. What are those days? Is your birthday one of them? If your big day is around a major holiday, it's possible that is an uncommon birthday based on data collected since 1973.
Minnesota Couple Welcomes Baby Born Prematurely On Leap DayAt 10:05 a.m. on Monday, Sullivan Reiter was born almost 3 weeks premature. It's as though he wanted to leap right into this world early.
Restaurant Deals For Leap Day BabiesFor most of us, it's just an extra day. But for those born on Leap Day it is a chance for them to celebrate their actual birthday. So, to help commemorate the once-every-four-years birthday celebrations, a number of restaurants are offering deals all day for leaplings.
Good Question: Do You Work For Free On Leap Day?Every four years, like magic, we get an extra day -- 366 days, for the price of 365. But is that bonus year really a bonus? Do people on salary work an extra day for free?
7 Babies Welcomed On Leap DayFeb. 29 is "Leap Day" for all of us, and a birthday for some.
100-Year-Old MN Woman Celebrates 25th B'DaySince February 29th only comes once every four years, one Minnesotan that was born in the year 1912 says she is celebrating her 25th birthday this Wednesday.
Coming Storm Threatens Low Snow Emergency Streak Snow in the forecast could break our zero snow emergency streak.

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