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Good Question: Who (And What) Should We Tip During The Holidays?

During the holidays, many of us thank the people who have helped us throughout the year. According to a Consumer Reports survey from the 2011 holiday season, a little less than half of Americans tip during the holidays — sometimes, it’s with cash, gift cards, home-baked cookies and gifts.


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Good Question: Are Hand-Written Thank You Notes Extinct?

With graduation and wedding seasons going strong, many people are giving and receiving gifts. And, with those gifts, many of us were taught the proper response is a hand-written thank you note. But, a recent survey found 67 percent of adults think the ability to write a thank you note has died out as texting and emailing has become more popular.


Actress Elizabeth Taylor poses in a 1950 film still. (credit: Getty Images)

Paul Newman Tribute To Elizabeth Taylor

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away at the age of 79. We’ve got a link to a tribute from Paul Newman to the late, great actress. Take a look.