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Lunar Eclipse

(credit: CBS)

Total Lunar Eclipse To Occur Wednesday

Beginning Tuesday night, the moon will move into earth’s shadow for a total lunar eclipse. If you’re up before the sunrise Wednesday morning, you may be able to catch it! The lunar eclipse will be visible in Minnesota, but it will be very low on the horizon.


(credit: Gunnar Balstad/Stillwater)

Lauren’s Science Corner: Total Lunar Eclipse

Are you totally excited for the total lunar eclipse early Wednesday morning?! The eclipse will be viewable across North America. And with clear skies to prevail over Minnesota and Wisconsin, all will behold the astronomical awesome-ness!


(credit: CBS)

Lunar Eclipse On Saturday

We’ll have an almost total lunar eclipse on this coming Saturday morning in the western sky.


(credit: FAROOQ NAEEM/AFP/Getty Images)

Last Night’s Lunar Eclipse

Thanks to the latest round of Snomageddon 2010, we didn’t get to see last night’s lunar eclipse here in Minnesota. Thanks to the wonder of the internet however, we get a chance to catch up on what we missed.


(credit: Joe L. Blevins)

Full Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Due to our latest Snonami, you likely won’t be able to see tonight’s full Lunar eclipse (the only one of 2010), but if you’d like to read more about it…