Meet Our Pet Guest Of The Week: Xena We like to end each week meeting a pet in need of a great home. This Friday, Jena Wasche from Minneapolis Animal Care and Control brought Xena, a lovable, red-brindle pit bull!
What The Label 'Dangerous' Means For Owners And Dogs In Mpls.Every year, animal control officers around the state investigate hundreds of dog bites on humans and other animals. In some cases, the animal will be labeled dangerous and it can be a life changing process for both the dog and its owner in the name of public safety.
Puppy Endures After Abuse, Subzero-TempsA puppy is being nursed back to health after being abused and abandoned in the cold. Someone found a 4-month-old puppy roaming the streets of Minneapolis during last week's subzero temperatures. Minneapolis Animal Care and Control picked up the young pit bull. Officer Jacob Young says the dog had cigar wounds all over his body.
Neglected Great Danes Rescued By Minneapolis Shelter Seven Great Danes who were victims of a dog hoarder and mistreatment in Minneapolis are starting their road to recovery, city officials said Monday.

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