Mary Johnson

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150 Gather In N. Mpls. For Gun Violence Prevention Summit

Mary Johnson’s son was murdered 20 years ago. She has since forgiven the man who killed him, but still feels compelled to work to stop the killing. “Our youth should not be able to walk out of their door, and walk down the block and get a gun,” Johnson said. The summit included police officers, pastors and citizens – working to end gun violence. Among the attendees was Leroy Duncan of Protect Minnesota.


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Gun Control Advocates Lacking Organization

As large crowds lined the State Capitol hallways for gun violence hearings, gun control advocates admit they’ve been out-organized.


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Neighbors Attend Stop The Violence Rally In N. Mpls

A community that is plagued by violence is doing what it can to stop it.


The City of Brooklyn Park says the intersection near the Fischbach Farm has become a major safety concern. It wants to move County Road 30 north onto the Fischbach's property and add half of a cloverleaf that would run through the barn. (credit: CBS)

Highway May Claim Land From 100-Year-Old Farm

A 100-year-old family farm could soon become the victim of traffic congestion.