Jamie Yuccas Gets To Know 'Goldy The Gopher'There's no bigger fan cheering for the University of Minnesota to bring home the bacon this weekend than "Goldy Gopher." That's why we wanted to learn more about him. As it turns, out Minnesota was tabbed the "Gopher State" in 1857 in a political cartoon.
March And Rally Seek To End Use Of ‘Redskins’ NameThe logo and mascot for Washington's NFL team has been at the center of protests in the past. David Glass of the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media is one of the offended sees the name "Redskins" as discriminatory and harmful. "We're not mascots and its time for the 'R' word to go," Glass said.
Good Question: Minnesota Wild Playoff EditionOn Tuesday night's Game 3 of the Wild-versus-Blackhawks series, the Wild reported attendance was a record 19,416. So, Ruth and Greg asked: How does the Wild determine game attendance? "We get a report at the end of the night that tells us how many tickets were sold and that's the number, like every other sports team, we put out," said Wild spokesman Ryan Stanzel.
Homecoming Begins With Goldy Gopher Statue DebutThe University of Minnesota is kicking off its homecoming week by unveiling a 6-foot-tall bronze statue of its beloved mascot — Goldy Gopher.
Best Of Minnesota: MascotIn the Gopher Conference, you've got to be tough. Blooming Prairie sports teams are surrounded by fearsome creatures such as Panthers, Tigers, Buccaneers and Bulldogs.
Elementary School's Mascot Statue Stolen In St. AnthonyPolice have issued a crime alert after an elementary school's mascot statue was reported stolen.
What Is Wrong With This Guy?A French runner, in a lead up race to the London Olympics, wins his race then goes mean on the race mascot.
Minnetonka Homecoming King, Mascot Beats The Odds Of AutismWhen Minnetonka takes on Wayzata Friday night in the "Game of the Week" for WCCO-TV’s High School Sports Rally, you will note one big fan. He is the Minnetonka mascot, his name is Michael Korn and he is to his community the ultimate friend and fan.
Man Poses As Mascot To Propose On Basketball CourtA man posing as a Minnesota high school sports mascot has asked his girlfriend to M-A-R-R-Y him.
Boston Blazers Mascot Gets LapdancesThere was quite the halftime show at a recent Boston Blazers game, and we've got a link to the video.
Cincinnati Bearcat Mascot Arrested For Snowball FightCollege Mascots are known for entertaining crowds, but Cincinnati's finest decided the Bearcat mascot took things too far.
Chad Hartman Show Video: Another Crazy Philly Fan and Mascot Fight!What's with the Philly fans lately? Plus a mascot fight you have to see!

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