Matt Mithun

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First Annual Border Battle Beer Fest Set To Kick Off In Wisconsin

There’s a long history of friendly competition between Wisconsin and Minnesota. And now beer is being thrown into the mix.


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DeRusha Eats: Border Battle Beer Fest Set For July 14

There’s been an explosion of interest in microbrews in the Twin Cities as Minneapolis ranks in the top 10 cities in the U.S. for drinking microbrews.


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Stone Arch Bridge Festival Preview

After a 17-year run under the name Stone Arch Festival of the Arts, the passing of founder Ira Heilicher led many to worry that one of the largest festivals in the Twin Cities would simply disappear. Thankfully, Matt Mithun (who also owns the Somerset Amphitheater) stepped up and took over the newly-renamed Stone Arch Bridge Festival, which runs from June 15-17.