Mike Lynch

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A Little Celestial Hugging

They’ll be a nice celestial hugging tonight between the full moon and the bright planet Jupiter.


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‘Tiny Little Big Dipper’

Check out the Pleiades star cluster in the eastern evening skies this weekend. By 9 p.m. it’s up in low eastern sky.


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International Space Station Will Be Visible

Mike Lynch says that the International Space Station will pass overhead this evening.


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Full Moon Hugging Jupiter

The full moon will be hugging the very bright planet Jupiter in the evening eastern sky the next few nights.


(credit: Mike Lynch)

Apollo Landing Sites

There are new photos of the Apollo landing sites taken by the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance orbiter.


(credit: Mike Lynch)

Crescent Moon Passing By Mars

In the Early morning eastern sky Thursday, look as the waning crescent moon will pass by the planet Mars in the constellation Gemini the Twins.


(credit: Mike Lynch)

Jupiter & The Moon

Mike Lynch says to look for the moon and Jupiter to be close together in the pre-twilight early morning sky. They’ll be especially close together early Saturday morning.



Perseid Meteor Shower And International Space Station

Thursday morning the Perseid Meteor Shower continues and especially between 3 a.m. and 5:30.


(credit: Mike Lynch)

Perseid Meteor Shower

The next several early mornings before twilight look for meteors of shooting stars, especially away from ares of heavy city lighting, in the countryside. It’s part of the Perseid meteor shower that peaks this Friday […]


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Long-Range Weather Outlook

Want more heat?


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Tomorrow (Thursday) morning they’ll be a really cool crescent moon in the eastern sky.


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Mike Lynch Competes In Monticello’s Blueberry Pie-Eating Contest

Mike Lynch competed in a Blueberry Pie-Eating contest at Monticello Riverfest on Saturday afternoon.


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Mike Lynch Astronomical Challenge

At 8:23 this evening, a half hour before sunset, select a spot where you can see the sun in the low northwestern sky.


(credit: Mike Lynch)

Mike Lynch Astrophotography

Here’s the first of my celestial shots I took in Portal Arizona earlier this month.


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Is This The Snowiest Winter Or What?

Fourth place has never sounded so good when it comes to the snowiest winter. As of midnight Tuesday, the Twin Cities snow total is 85.3 inches, according to airport officials.


(credit: NASA)

Weekend Stargazing

Check out what you can see in the sky this weekend.