GOP Rep. Kline Opposes Syria Strike 'At This Time'Minnesota Rep. John Kline has come out against a U.S. military strike on Syria, the country accused of deploying chemical weapons on civilians. Kline had been open but noncommittal to President Barack Obama's request for congressional endorsement of an intervention in Syria.
Minn. Dem Walz Declares Opposition To Syria Strike Democratic Rep. Tim Walz says he's opposed to current proposals for U.S. military strikes in Syria.
Minn. Congress Members Disagree On Syria ResponseThere appears to be little disagreement about the evidence of Syria's use of chemical weapons, but amongst Minnesota’s Congressional delegation - there are major differences over what to do about it. At the Minnesota State Fair, members of Congress were giving all sorts of advice. Democrat Keith Ellison says he supports a limited, tactical military response to chemical warfare.

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