Minnesota Lawmaker

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Minn. Lawmaker Eyes Special Session Alternative

This week’s special legislative session to approve less than $5 million for storm recovery has some Minnesota lawmakers questioning whether increasingly frequent disaster-relief gatherings are even necessary. “If all we’re doing is matching federal money, particularly at a low figure like $4.5 million, that should not require a special session,” said Rep. Gene Pelowski.


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Sunday Liquor Sales Debated In Minn.

Most of us have been there. It’s Sunday, and you want a beer, but you’re out. Any other day you could just make a beer run, but not on Sunday, not in Minnesota.


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Minn. Lawmaker Wants Liquor Sales On Sunday

Minnesotans making alcohol runs to Wisconsin generate $10.6 million in tax revenues for the Badger state and Sundays are the second busiest shopping day of the week. That means a huge loss on alcohol sales.