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Talking Points: Doctor’s Perspective On Medical Pot Program

Three weeks into the roll out of Minnesota’s medical marijuana program, the number of patients enrolling continues to be lower than many expected.


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Survey: Only 9 Percent Of Minn. Doctors Will Participate In Medical Marijuana Program

The Minnesota Department of Health says only five patients have been certified for the state’s new medical marijuana program so far. Only 30 doctors have registered, and a new poll shows an overwhelming majority are not interested in participating.


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Survey: 9 Percent Of MN Doctors Will Participate in Medical Cannabis Program

As Minnesota’s medical marijuana program gears up registration, many patients may find it difficult to get the newly legalized drug.


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Doctors’ Unease Puts Medical Marijuana Patients In A Bind

Patients hoping to access medical marijuana may struggle to register for the medicine as doctors and hospitals shy away from the new program. Registration opens Monday and patients are expected to start getting the medicine in July.


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Most Doctors At Forum Oppose Medical Marijuana

Most of the doctors polled at a Minnesota Medical Association forum oppose the legislation that legalizes medical marijuana. The bill passes a Minnesota House committee Wednesday, but still has a long road ahead in the Legislature.


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Minn. Medical Delegates Debate STD Screening

Minnesota Medical Association delegates plan to vote on a resolution Friday that recommends all young adults get screened for chlamydia.


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Doctors Want Medica’s Ratings Program Delayed

Soon Minnesota doctors will be rated like hotels and restaurants. Medica‘s Premium Designation Program is set to be released on Wednesday on Medica’s website, but doctors from the Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) want it delayed.