Minnesota State Capitol

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Who Do You Blame For The Budget Stalemate At The Capitol?

A special session will be needed to balance the budget. Who do you blame for the impasse?


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Seniors Sing For Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T From Lawmakers

A group of seniors used music to get out their message about budget cuts on Tuesday at the Minnesota State Capitol.


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Cockroaches, Dragons For Zoo Day At State Capitol

There will be more than just political animals at the Minnesota Capitol on Thursday. There will be some real animals, too.


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Unions Rally At Minn. Capitol To Support Wis. Workers

Minnesota union workers are standing in support of their neighbors to the east with a rally at the Minnesota State Capitol.


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Hundreds Carry Guns At State Capitol And It’s Legal

Minnesota lawmakers say they are trying to make the Capitol safer after the shooting of an Arizona Congresswoman. But hundreds of people are allowed to walk freely into state buildings — even the legislature and the governor’s office — carrying weapons.


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Capitol Agenda To Look At Safety Concerns

The shootings in Tucson have states looking at security for their lawmakers. At the Minnesota State Capitol, lawmakers started their session last week in a place that is wide open. Anyone can walk right in during the day.


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Where Location Means Power: Moving Day At State Capitol

On Tuesday there was a big move on at the Minnesota State Capitol — literally. For the first time in four decades, Democrats who lost the election are moving out and victorious Republicans are moving in.