Mosquito Control Targets Cattails On Frozen MarshesYou would not expect to see mosquito control crews out and about while there is still snow and ice on the ground -- but they are. Crews from the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District started treating 100 acres of marshes last week.
Mosquito Control: 'Unprecedented' YearThe mosquito season is in full swing.
Mosquito Control Working To Calm The Season's SpikeWith all the rain we had last week, you'd expect a spike in mosquitos. But the mosquito control folks are doing their best to keep them in check.
Mosquito Control Working To Ease The Biting BluesThe whirling sound of a helicopter's blades in your neighborhood may mean you will be spared from those itchy, red bites this spring and summer.
More Mosquitoes Doesn't Mean Higher West Nile RiskThis year's mosquito population is growing because of all the rainfall. But the same can't be said for potential West Nile virus cases, even though that too depends on weather.

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