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Good Question: Why Can Some Clubs Discriminate?

For a decade, Augusta National Golf Club has faced nagging questions – not about its challenging 10th hole – but about the lack of women as members.


10/17/10 Minnesota Law presented by Moss & Barnett

Tom Shroyer will host Marcy Frost, Chair of Moss & Barnett’s Employment Law Practice Group on the topic of “Employment Law 101″.


10/11/10 Steve Thomson on Hinesight!

Steve Thomson is in for Hines and he talks to lawyer Tom Shroyer of Moss & Barnett.  The Petters case is making news again plus much more!


10/10/10 Minnesota Law Presented by Moss & Barnett

Tom Shroyer and the Moss & Barnett group talk family law!


Minnesota Law – 9/25/10

WCCO Radio’s Steve Thomson will host Brian Grogan, Chair of Moss & Barnett’s Municipal Communications and Infrastructure Practice Areas, on the topic of “Indecency in the Media – When Is It Acceptable to Regulate Free Speech?”


Minnesota Law – 9/4/10

Tom Shroyer will be hosting Allan Caplan of Caplan Law Firm, P.A., on the topic of “Settling the Score on the Petters Ponzi”.


Minnesota Law – 8/28/10

Tom Shroyer will be hosting John Rossman, Chair of Moss & Barnett’s Creditors’ Remedies and Bankruptcy Practice Area and MN Law backup host, on the topic of “Why Your Neighbor’s Delinquent Credit Card Is Adversely […]


Minnesota Law – 8/21/10

Tom Shroyer will be hosting Michael Gerould of our Litigation Practice Area on the topic of “The Minnesota False Claims Act — A New Weapon Against Fraud.”


Minnesota Law – 8/14/10

Tom Shroyer is back in the saddle hosting Moss & Barnett Law Librarian, Andy Malec, and the Hennepin County Law Library’s Ed Carroll, Acting Director and Head of Public Services, on the topic of “The […]


8/7/10 Minnesota Law presented by Moss & Barnett

Susan Rhode hosted Cindy Ackerman and Jana Deach on the topic of “Assisted Reproduction: Redefining the Parent-Child Relationship.”


Minnesota Law – 7/31/10

Brian Grogan is hosting this week.  Our guest attorney is Jim Rubenstein of our Creditors Remedies and Bankruptcy Practice Group on the topic of “Business Bankruptcy Basics.”


Minnesota Law – 7/24/10

Tom Shroyer will be hosting Dave Biek on the topic of “Mark These Words.”  Legally required markings of patent numbers on products can produce unexpected legal liabilities for patent owners as products change or patents […]


Minnesota Law – 7/17/10

Tom Shroyer will be hosting Family Law specialists Edward Winer and Jerry Nissenbaum, who will be discussing the topic: “High Stakes Divorce”.


Minnesota Law – 7/10/10

Tom Shroyer will be hosting The Honorable Joseph R. Klein, Judge of Hennepin County District Court, on the topic of “A Day in the Life of A Judge”.


Minnesota Law – 7/3/10

This week is a “Best of Minnesota Law” show for the Independence Day weekend.




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