Muslim Group: More Pilgrims’ Passports Delayed

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Muslim civil rights group is concerned that the U.S. government is delaying the shipment of passports to those making religious pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia. The Council on American-Islamic Relations raised the […]


Muslim Faith Shared At Minnesota State Fair

An Islamic group is hoping to educate the public about the Muslim faith at the Minnesota State Fair.


8/24/10 John Hines with Alan Cooperman

John Hines (in for Michele Tafoya) talked to Pew Research Center Associate Director Alan Cooperman about a new study that says that 1 in 5 Americans believe President Obama is a Muslim…


John Williams 8-24-10

Tom Horner wants to tax clothing. What would you tax? Rep. Ryan Winkler on I-35 bridge collapse victims fund If Obama doesn’t attend church on Sunday does that make him a Muslim 8-24-10 Independent gubernatorial […]


John Williams show 8-19-10

One out of four Americans think Pres. Obama is a Muslim Sleepwalking stories and Ambien dreams Airlines charging more for front row coach seats and another flight attendent folk hero How much responsibility do talk […]


John Williams show

Misspeaks from those who should know plus your pet peeves of misprounounced words Muslim built Community Center near Ground Zero makes some upset Mel Gibson tapes – Are these a set up for extortion? Man […]


John Williams show

Rod Blagojevich phone conversations conspiring with his brother A Muslim group wants to build a cultural center near Ground Zero Senator Al Franken on the unemployment bill




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