Keidel: The NFL, 'N' Word, And CensorshipThe NFL is considering a heavy tax on it, citing the fact that the gridiron is a workplace, and thus they can control the language and lexicon of its players. It's probably the most delicate and toxic topic we'll ever discuss in sports.
Serious Allegations Against Mpls. Police In Uptown Deadly ShootingThe attorney for the parents of a man shot and killed by police officers is making serious allegations against the Minneapolis Police Department.
Colbert Wants Huckleberry Finn ChangedStephen says taking the "N-Word" out of Huck Finn is just the beginning of changes that should be made!
DeBlog: Is It Right To Take 'N' Word Out Of Huck Finn?A new edition of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is about to hit the market, without the "n" word.

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