National Anthem

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John Williams Video Smack Down For 5-20!

An EPIC FAIL of our National Anthem is on the SMACK DOWN!


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Gospel Choir Shocked By Cost To Sing National Anthem

Students from the Coon Rapids High School Gospel Choir thought it would be fun to sing the national anthem at a Timberwolves game.


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Worst Anthem Ever?

You got to give 11-year-old Harper Gruzins credit for singing the National Anthem in front of a packed stadium. But, is this the worst version ever? You be the judge.


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ Songs And Mosquito Bites

Why is the national anthem played before sporting events? And what causes the bump you get from a mosquito bite?


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10-Year-Old At NBA Finals

10-year-old Julia Dale sings the national anthem at the NBA Finals in Miami. If you can ignore the peanut gallery taping the video, it’s America’s Got Talent type of stuff.


Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye Singing The National Anthem

Cook’s not a big fan of “interpretive” versions of the National Anthem. Chad thinks this version from the ’83 NBA All-Star Game is the best he’s ever heard.