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Podcast Page: 12-9-14 The WCCO Morning News With Dave Lee-John Hines Hosting

John Hines fills in for Dave Lee….and finds out about the 50th Anniversary of Rudolph….click the link above to head to the PODCAST PAGE.


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Jordan Goodman Talks Money On WCCO Morning News

National finance expert Jordan Goodman joined Dave Lee


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Good Question: Why Are Gas Prices Rising When Oil Is Falling?

Even veterans of the local gas business admit — something strange is going on. The price of crude oil is as low as it’s been since October 2011.


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Gas Prices Not Bad Compared To Last Year

Remember analyst predictions that we could be paying $5 per gallon of gasoline this summer? Thankfully, that scenario hasn’t come to pass. Gas prices have been falling over the past few weeks. But why?


CNBC Market Analyst Pete Najarian On WCCO Morning News

Former Gopher football linebacker Peter Najarian join Dave Lee to discuss the financial markets Wednesday on the WCCO Morning News.



Could Leveled Oil Prices Bring Gas Savings?

Moneywatch.com editor at large Jill Schlesinger talked with Dave Lee on the WCCO Morning News today


Jill Schlesinger

CBS Moneywatch Editor Jill Schlesinger on WCCO

Our expert on Wall Street Jill Schlesinger joined Dave Lee for a preview of this week in business.


Gas Pump, generic, gasoline, unleaded

How High Will Gas Prices Go?

How high will local gas prices go? A veteran dealer says it’s getting harder to predict.



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