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Orpheum Theatre

(credit: Joan Marcus)

‘Jersey Boys’ Appear On WCCO

One of the most popular shows at the Orpheum Theatre starts up Thursday night. “Jersey Boys” will make its debut and go through May 8.


The Orpheum Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. (credit: George Heinrich)

Curiocity: Does Minneapolis ‘Have Talent’?

Get ready, Minneapolis. Your 15 minutes of fame is approaching.


(credit: Joan Marcus)

Curiocity: Though Plenty Of Body, ‘Hair’ Falls A Little Flat

A revival of the original 1967 show, “Hair” is all about the teen rebellion of that era — from sex and drugs to rock ‘n’ roll and the ultimate sense of doing what feels good.


(credit: Hennepin Theatre Trust)

Curiocity: Young Performers Steal The Show In ‘Billy Elliot’

The story of “Billy Elliot” may warm your heart, it may bring a tear to your eye and yes, it may make you want to get up and dance. But one thing this show is guaranteed to do? Make you completely in awe of the incredible talent on stage — most of which are too young to drive.


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Curiocity: Beyond Alert At ‘Spring Awakening’

It’s been about three hours since I saw “Spring Awakening” Saturday night at the Orpheum Theatre and yet — I’m still not sure what to say about it.


(credit: The Children's Theatre Company)

Best Shows For The Holiday Season

When it comes to holiday cheer, there’s no place quite like the music and merriment of seeing a festive show. Thankfully, in Minnesota, we’re given a wide array of options to stay warm inside a cozy theater, listening to the holiday music that’s a yearly must.

CBS Minnesota–11/06/2010

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Curiocity: ‘Rock Of Ages,’ A Rose Without A Thorn

Welcome to the 1980s. A time when the “fist pump” was a more horizontal motion than a vertical one, big hair had nothing to do with volume injections but plenty to do with the brushstrokes of a comb and the men wore more makeup than the women.


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Curiocity: A ‘Wicked’ Awesome Night

It’s not often that one can label something from start to finish with the untouchable “p-word.” But in the case of the Orpheum Theatre’s presentation of the highly noted tour of “Wicked,” it’s the only word that seems to fit.


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Curiocity: The Buzz Begins For ‘Billy Elliot’

For the first time in Minnesota, theater goers will be able to watch the tale of a young boy with big dreams.


Comedian Conan O'Brien performs. (credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Curiocity: Conan Gives Fans What They Want

Conan O’Brien could run for president tomorrow. And win.


(credit: John Daughtry)

Curiocity: Avenue Q Turns Sunny Days To Satire

Well, I can safely say Sesame Street will never be the same for me again. But it was totally worth it.