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Movie Blog: Oscar Shorts At The Lagoon

Want to win your Oscar pool? Well, it often comes down to picking the short film categories. Luckily for you, the Lagoon Theater will be presenting the ten movies nominated in the short animated film and short live action film categories this Friday


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2 Best Picture Nominees With MN Connections

Two movies with high-profile Minnesota connections were among the best picture Oscar nominees as announced Tuesday morning.


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2012 Academy Award Nominations

The nominees for the Oscar award were announced Tuesday morning in Hollywood


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Minn. Town Pulling For Best Supporting Actor Nominee

His first role was Pig Pen in a school production of What’s New Charlie Brown? However, on Sunday, an Academy Award is on the line for John Hawkes.


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Colin Covert Predicts Oscar Winners

Our favorite movie guy, Colin Covert, talks about who will win at the Oscars on Sunday, and who *should* win. He joins Chad on Monday to go over the winners.


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Movie Blog: Oscar Pool Cheat Sheet

Still haven’t knocked down all 10 of Oscar’s best picture nominees? Never fear. There’s still plenty of time to get them all in before the the Oscars are handed out on Sunday evening. But it will take some stamina.


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The Grannies Take On The Oscars

Awards season is in full swing and before the Academy Awards gets to choose the winners, we let our own expert panel make its predictions — the grannies.


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Oscar Talk With Mike Tyson

The folks at FunnyOrDie.com have done it again! Their latest hilarious sketch includes former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson and movie expert Leonard Maltin talking what else? The Oscars!


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Just In Time For The Oscars: Top 150 Movie Lines Of All Time!

Is your favorite line included? Bueller….Bueller…..Bueller?


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Movie Blog: Ranking Oscar’s Shorts

Every Oscar year, I’m usually most excited to see the movies that are nominated in the three short film categories.


Ryan Reynolds struggles to survive in "Buried." (credit: Lionsgate)

Movie Blog: Cleaning Up The Oscar Slate

Switching Hailee Steinfeld from supporting to lead actress is but one of the corrections I feel compelled to make to this year’s Oscar slate. Here are a few more categories I feel could be cleaned up with just one key substitution.



Movie Blog: ‘King’s Speech’ Leads Oscar Nods

Up until now, most of the conversation when it comes to Oscars has been centered around The Social Network, the movie that everyone and their mother “knows” is “The Best Movie Of The Year.”


The sisters of "Dogtooth" work up a celebratory dance routine. (credit: Verve Pictures)

Movie Blog: Oscar Shortlists

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced the shortlist for movies up for the best foreign film Oscar. In a move that will surprise no one, the category is more conspicuous for its omissions than what made it to the final heat.


Raven Bellefleur in "Ana's Playground." (credit: StoryForge, LLC)

Movie Blog: Minnesota Short An Oscar Finalist

The filmmakers behind the Minneapolis-filmed short Ana’s Playground are no doubt used to accolades by this point. But an announcement made on Tuesday was something else altogether.


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Movie Blog: Biggest Oscar Controversies Ever

Is it possible to have an Academy Award year go by without some sort of controversy popping up? The answer is yes, but it’s a lot more fun when all hell breaks loose. Godard’s award is just a drop in the bucket of Oscar’s turbulent history. Here are some of the most notable Oscar controversies of all time.