Study: Many Obese Teens Were Overweight As 5 Year OldsMore than one third of American children are overweight or obese, and a new study shows signs of this health problem can be detected earlier than you might think.
Rybak Undergoes Second Heart Procedure Former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak successfully underwent a procedure Monday afternoon to remove a blockage from an artery. He's recovering from a life-threatening heart attack which he suffered Saturday after cross-country skiing for nearly eight miles. Before Monday's procedure, the former mayor continued his light-hearted banter on Twitter, posting a picture of himself in a hospital gown, framed as a GQ magazine cover.
N.D. Woman To Give 'Obese' Kids Advice, Not Halloween CandyA Fargo, N.D. woman is at the center of controversy after vowing to hand not Halloween candy but instead letters to children she deems "overweight," warning them about their health.
Doctors Treating PatientsA new study says that doctors tend to be kinder to thinner patients compared to overweight patients.
How To Help Your Overweight Partner Improve Their HealthIt's not an easy topic to talk about -- your partner's weight. Now, a new study shows more conflict between mixed-weight couples where one is overweight and the other is not.
Health Expert Says Fat Is 'Awesome'The long-held view of fat in our diets is that it causes health problems. One registered dietitian says that's not the case anymore and that we need fat to stay healthy and thin.
Researchers: Formula Can Predict Childhood Obesity Researchers say a simple formula can predict a newborn's chances of becoming obese in childhood.
Should Overweight Air Travelers Pay A Surcharge?Should overweight air passengers pay more for their tickets? A Princeton University professor says it only makes sense, since travelers already pay a fee for their oversized bags.
Study: Half Of Overweight Kids Participate In SportsTaking part in sports may not be enough to keep young people from being overweight, according to a University of Minnesota study.
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