1-10-14 Sid Hartman's ESTATE SALE.....THE COMMERCIAL YOU HAVE ALL BEEN TALKING ABOUT. Click the link to hear THEEE so called commercial for Sid's Estate Sale.
MN Native's YouTube Lorde Parody Takes OffA comedian from Minnesota is having a little fun at the expense of one of the biggest songs on the radio, Lorde's "Royals." Molly Dworsky is a Hopkins native trying to make it big in comedy in Los Angeles. In her new parody video, she sings about not having accomplished much at 26 compared to Lorde, who is still a teenager.
Joking BadJimmy Fallon creates a Breaking Bad parody that would make Vince Gilligan jealous. Check it out!
AP Surprises Students To Thank Them For YouTube VideoA "Call Me Maybe" parody inviting Adrian Peterson to a school in Rosemount has more than 280,000 hits on YouTube. But today, it got results.
Minn. YouTuber Strives For More Success With 'Gangnam Style' ParodyA group of Minnesota YouTubers hope their parody of the South Korean pop hit “Gangnam Style” makes it big. Their song, called “Minnesota Style,” has received more than 116,000 views as of Monday afternoon.
Minnesota StyleIt's the hot new Minnesota track -- a state-centric parody of the South Korean pop hit Gangnam style.
Weird Al Goes After Lady Ga Ga!And she gives him the big HECK NO!

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