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Mike Max Goes Pheasant Hunting In S. Dakota

A “Pheasant Summit” was held Saturday n Marshall with Gov. Mark Dayton to discuss ways Minnesota can keep birds in play. Earlier this week, I took “Maxi Cam” to South Dakota. And with the help of guide Ryan Sauter, I found out that they know how to keep the pheasant population up.


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Minnesota Pheasant Index Down 29 Percent From 2012

A long winter followed by a cold, wet spring has contributed to a significant decrease in Minnesota’s pheasant population. The Department of Natural Resources says Minnesota’s pheasant index declined 29 percent from 2012, reflecting trends seen in neighboring states.


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Federal Program Decline Threatens Minn. Pheasants

As Saturday’s pheasant season opener approaches, Minnesota officials are sounding an alarm about the decline of a federal grassland conservation program.


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Hunting Group Works To Help Struggling Wild Birds

With this cold winter even wild birds are struggling for food.


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DeBlog: Of Poinsettias And Pheasants

I get quite a bit of e-mail through our Good Question submission form, but Friday I couldn’t miss the name on one of the questions. It was my 5-year-old’s kindergarten teacher.


10/20/10 Live Outdoors

On Wednesday night, Mike Max and Ron Schara focused on pheasants… First they spoke to Joe Duggan from Pheasants Forever… Then they talked with Kurt Harrelson, DNR Wildlife Biologist…