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What Plans Are In Place If A Tornado Hits MN Schools?

Near the doorway of an Anoka-Hennepin School District classroom is an emergency guide. One of the tabs reads “tornado.” Alongside the guide is also a map of the school. Some of the rooms are colored yellow to signify they are safe evacuation zones.


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Dayton Says He Has Secret Plan For Secure Stadium Funding

Gov. Mark Dayton says he has a plan that may rescue the state’s funding package for the new Vikings stadium.


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Minn. Dems Vow Nursing Home Bump Despite Strains

Minnesota House Democrats are hoping to ease uncertainty created by a call to cut $150 million from state health and social service budgets by vowing increased payments to nursing homes and similar caregivers.


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As Obama Calls For New Laws, MN Gun Stores Stay Busy

Just weeks after a school massacre shocked the nation, the president of the United States called for the most sweeping new gun laws in a generation.


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Talking Points: Kriesel Says Vikes Stadium Won’t Happen

After missing a key deadline on Friday, the Vikings Stadium bill is in serious trouble at the legislature.


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Talking Points: The Vikings’ City Council Hurdles

This week the Minnesota Vikings will be taking their stadium proposal to the legislature for hearings.


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Schiff’s Concerns Over Stadium, Bagley On Next Step

They’ve come up with plans to build a new Viking stadium. But leaders from the Vikings, Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota need to sell their new stadium deal.


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GOP Senator Proposes Lower Taxpayer Stadium Share

A group of Republican state lawmakers proposed a new Vikings stadium plan Thursday that would drastically reduce the size of the taxpayer contribution, arguing it was the only way the team’s stadium push could make it through the Legislature.


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Mayor To Announce Vikings Stadium Jobs Plan

Mayor RT Rybak, along with community leaders, will announce a workforce agreement Monday to help create jobs at a new Vikings stadium.


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Dayton Announces Plan For New Businesses

For the second day in a row, Gov. Mark Dayton is talking about plans to grow jobs in Minnesota.


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A New Plan To Fight Alzheimer’s

Millions of American families struggle with the difficulites of Alzheimer’s disease.


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Dayton, Legislative Leaders Meet To Talk Vikes Stadium

While the Minnesota Vikings seem to lack momentum this year, plans for a new stadium are getting more traction.


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Stadium Plan Could Be Ready With Budget Deal Reached

Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett said he’s confident a stadium deal could get done, now that the governor and GOP leaders came to an agreement on the state budget.


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Budget Talks Pick Up As Time Runs Short

Budget talks are picking up as Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and top Republican lawmakers try to fix a $5 billion deficit with less than four days left in the legislative session.


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Former Gov. Carlson Predicts Special Session

There’s another meeting of the DFL Governor and Republican legislators this morning in the ongoing effort to reach a budget deal in time for Monday’s deadline. Will they get it done this time?


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Minn. Lawmaker Aims To Plan For Federal Insolvency

A Minnesota lawmaker wants the state to make plans in case the federal government goes bust.


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Top Lawmakers: Vikings Stadium Secondary To Budget

A plan to build a new Minnesota Vikings stadium has found few cheerleaders at the Capitol, where legislative leaders from both parties said Friday the stadium push must take a backseat to the state’s budget problems.


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Dayton Tries To Reignite Minn. Public Works Plan

Gov. Mark Dayton is working to renew interest in a $1 billion plan for publicly financed building projects in Minnesota, saying the construction industry faces an “emergency situation.”


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Republican House Plan Chops Local Aid

A new plan from Republicans in the Minnesota House would cut $746 million from money the state sends to local governments, with much of it coming from Minneapolis, St. Paul, and their suburbs.


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Minn. Tax Plan Raises Question: What’s Rich?

Lisa MacMartin says she and her husband are well-off. Greg Ferguson thinks he and MacMartin are members of the upper middle class. Just don’t call them rich.


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Gov. Dayton Wants To Tax Wealthy To Fix MN’s Deficit

About half of Gov. Mark Dayton’s plan to fix the state’s budget deficit comes from higher income taxes on the wealthy, a plan he described Tuesday as one that would “keep my promises I made to the people of Minnesota last fall.”