Polar Bear

(credit: Como Park Zoo & Conservatory)

Lauren’s Science Corner: Beware The Pizzly!

The bloodline of one of nature’s most powerful and fascinating land-bound apex predators is merging with an animal atop the Arctic food chain, the polar bear—yielding a fearsome hybrid referred to as the “pizzly” or “grolar” bear. The breeding of these king creatures is likely the result of habitat overlap caused by global climate change.


(credit: Jupiter Images)

John Williams Video Smack Down For 1-10!

An awesome practical joke with a ghost is on the VIDEO SMACK DOWN! Click the link to Vote!


(credit: CBS)

John Williams Video Smack Down For 1-5!

Tiny Puppy vs. Giant Polar Bear in THE SMACK DOWN!


(credit: City of St. Paul)

Como Zoo Polar Bear Recoups After Surgery

Como Zoo’s 23-year-old female polar bear, Berlin, has made a strong recovery after undergoing major surgery at the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Medical Center.