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Bachmann Not Worried By 4th Place Iowa Poll Finish

Michele Bachmann says she’s not worried that a new Iowa poll puts her fourth among GOP presidential candidates.


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Poll: Public Unsettled On Obama Challenger

Americans have yet to find a Republican they’d clearly prefer over President Barack Obama, although half say the president does not deserve re-election.


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Consumer Poll: Housing Crisis Could Continue To 2020

As if there wasn’t enough bad economic news, some bankers are predicting the housing crisis could last until 2020.
The pessimistic outlook comes from a study the FICO company, which tried to predict consumer behavior, recently released.


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Poll: GOP Voters Feel Better About Presidential Field

After grousing for months, Republicans are growing more satisfied with their choices for president and, so far, they like what they’re hearing from the newest candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry.



What Would Make You Happier?

Vacations or Smart phones….what would you rather have? Vote on Michele’s Poll!


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Bachmann: ‘Scare Tactics’ In Debt Ceiling Issue

On the eve of her entry into the 2012 GOP presidential race, Rep. Michele Bachmann said “scare tactics” are being used by those warning of an economic calamity unless Congress raises the government’s borrowing limit by an August deadline.


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Romney, Bachmann Lead In 2012 Iowa Caucus Poll

A new Iowa Poll shows national Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney and tea party favorite Michele Bachmann leading among the state’s likely GOP caucus-goers.



Poll: Majority In MN Oppose Ban On Gay Marriage

A new poll shows the majority of Minnesotans surveyed oppose amending the state Constitution to ban gay marriage.


Protestors walk through a hallway in the State Capitol on February 23, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin. Protestors have occupied the state capitol for the past nine days protesting the Republican Governor Scott Walker's attempt to push through a budget bill that would restrict collective bargaining for most government workers. (credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Poll: Americans Back Collective Bargaining Rights

A new poll finds that Americans oppose efforts to weaken public employee unions’ collective bargaining rights by an almost two to one margin.


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U Pollsters Eye Changes To Pre-Election Sampling

Two University of Minnesota professors recommend several steps with their future political polling to avoid a repeat of a poll in Minnesota governor’s race that came under criticism.


Tafoya's Listeners Choice

Friday Listeners Choice Poll

830 WCCO–11/04/2010

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I Voted For……In Governor Race.

Who did you vote for? Let us know.

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Dayton Pulls Ahead in New Poll

New poll says Democrat leads Tom Emmer by 11 percent.




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