Study Finds People Alter Stride When They Text And WalkTurns out, people who walk and text at the same time may have a smaller risk of running into something than previously thought.
Fitness Expert Shares 3 Easy Tips To Perfect PostureWe all do it from time to time: slouch or hunch. But having good posture can improve your health and make you look slimmer too.
Good Question: Does Hunching Over Smartphones Hurt Our Spines?According to one study, people spend an average of 2-4 hours a day hunched over their smartphones, which puts a lot of stress on the spine.
Get It Twisted! Gyrotonic System Promotes FitnessDancers are known for being long, lean and agile. But instead of slipping into pointe shoes and a tutu to get that shape, celebrities are reportedly turning to the Gyrotonic Expansion System to get those physical attributes.

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