Study: Full Day At Pre-K Leads To Higher Test ScoresGov. Mark Dayton established voluntary pre-K in Minnesota in 2016.
Dayton Warns Of Pre-K Funding Crisis, GOP Leaders Say He’s ‘Panicking’ ParentsMinnesota Governor Mark Dayton is warning that pre-Kindergarten programs could be in jeopardy for thousands of 4-year-olds.
Dayton Abandons Pre-K Plan, But Still No Budget Deal With GOPGov. Mark Dayton has abandoned his priority plan for a statewide pre-kindergarten program but remains at odds with GOP lawmakers over the amount of new funding for public schools. Republican leaders said Friday that progress had been made in private talks but the Democratic governor described the state of negotiations as a disappointment.
Dayton Vetoes Public School Budget But Waits On Other BillsGov. Mark Dayton has followed through on his promise to veto the Legislature's budget for public schools.
Gov. Dayton Not Sorry For Saying GOP Hates Public SchoolsMinnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said Wednesday he will not apologize for comments he made about Republicans after lawmakers did not pass his top priority: statewide pre-kindergarten programs. Dayton plans to veto the $17 billion education bill later this week and call a special session of the legislature to pass a new version instead.
Lt. Gov. Tina Smith: Why Won’t The Legislature Compromise On Education?Gov. Mark Dayton is not wavering in his threat to veto any education bill that doesn’t include more money for Minnesota schools and funding for universal pre-K, his top officer said on Sunday.
With 'Promise Zone' Designation, Another Push For Universal Pre-KU.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visited Minnesota on Tuesday and called the state a model for others. He announced that the White House has named Minneapolis a "Promise Zone." That means the city can get a leg up on the competition when applying for federal grants that create jobs and help close the achievement gap.
House GOP Finalizes Bid In Education Funding DebateAt a rally outside the capitol Saturday, activists say with a $2 billion surplus, now is the time to invest in education. Republicans want to use the surplus to lower taxes.
Law Enforcement Pushing For $150M Annually For PreschoolMore than 100 law enforcement leaders across Minnesota are asking lawmakers for a minimum of $150 million a year for preschool programs.
Senate DFL Doesn't Go As Far As Dayton On Preschool SpendingJust one day after Gov. Mark Dayton visited a St. Paul pre-kindergarten class, his fellow Democrats passed a bill with only a fraction of the funding he wants to send every 4 year old in Minnesota to school for free.
Dayton Ramps Up Campaign For Expansive Pre-K InitiativeGov. Mark Dayton's drive for universal, tuition-free preschool for all Minnesota 4-year-olds is cementing its place in his bottom line for a new budget. Dayton emphasized Tuesday that he considers the program essential as budget negotiations near.
Talking Points: Gov. Dayton Stands Behind His Pre-K Plan Gov. Mark Dayton is continuing to double down on his efforts to dramatically expand funding for early childhood education.

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