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Esme’s Blog: Why Does MN Have A Caucus, Not Primary?

At about 7 p.m. Tuesday, some 60,000 people are expected to arrive at their precinct caucuses and spend the next three hours debating, then voting on their Presidential choices.


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Ron Paul Heading To Minnesota

Ron Paul is the latest Republican presidential candidate to bring his campaign to Minnesota.


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GOP Field Crowded, Likely To Remain So

They are barely blips in presidential polls and their campaign cash is scarce. Some are running on empty, fueled mainly by the exposure that comes with the blizzard of televised debates in this election cycle and interviews they eagerly grant to skeptical reporters.


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Political Expert Kathryn Pearson Talks GOP Debate On WCCO

Saturday night’s Republican debate in New Jersey, hosted by CBS, gave the presidential candidates a chance to sound off on several political issues in a key voting state.


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Republicans Pitching Jobs Plan To Iowa Voters

Republican presidential candidates are telling Iowans how they would bring back the nation’s crumbling manufacturing core and rebuild the struggling U.S. economy.


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Pawlenty: Future White House Run ‘Highly Unlikely’

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty says it’s “highly unlikely” that he’ll run for the White House again or that he’d accept a high-level post in a Republican administration.


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Bachmann Slides Ideas Into 11-Point Economic Plan

Searching for a campaign boost, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann attached a catchy slogan Tuesday for a newly packaged 11-point proposal for repairing the U.S. economy.


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Tough Economic Climate As Obama Seeks 2nd Term

President Barack Obama faces a long re-election campaign having all but given up on the economy rebounding in any meaningful way before November 2012. His own budget office predicts unemployment will stay at about 9 percent, a frightening number for any president seeking a second term.


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Perry Says He Doesn’t Believe In Global Warming

Rick Perry says he does not believe in global warming. The newest Republican presidential candidate also says he would not have signed the debt-ceiling compromise brokered by Republicans and Democrats.


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2012 GOP Race Jolted With Straw Poll, Perry Entry

Thousands of Iowa Republicans munched on barbecue and mingled with presidential hopefuls on a college campus where they began voting Saturday in the first test to see how the candidates trying to unseat President Barack Obama are faring with the GOP base.


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Reality Check: Pawlenty On Climate Change

Tim Pawlenty, climate change skeptic? Minnesota’s ex-governor is a former believer, whose previous views on global warming are melting faster than the polar ice caps.


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Bachmann: Improving Economy ‘Won’t Take That Long’

Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann says that if she’s elected president “it won’t take that long” for her to turn around the ailing economy.


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Pawlenty To Shift From TV To Turnout In Iowa

Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty plans to fade from Iowa’s paid airwaves just days from the critical GOP straw poll.


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Bachmann Says She, Not Husband, Running For Office

Rep. Michele Bachmann steadfastly refused Thursday to answer questions about her family’s business and finances, saying that she — not her husband — was the one seeking the White House.


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Pawlenty: Bachmann Should Get Her Facts Straight

Call it the Minnesota feud — Iowa style.




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