Delta To Share $1.1B Of 2014 Profits With Employees

Delta Air Lines is showing a lot of love to its employees this Valentine’s Day weekend. The airline made a big profit in 2014 and employees are getting to share in some of it. The company reported earnings of nearly $3 billion last year. As a result, it will pay out an industry record $1.1 billion to its employees.


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DeRusha Eats: Valley Natural Foods

It looks like every other grocery store from the outside. But for nearly 40 years, Valley Natural Foods has been doing things differently inside. Kirsten Shabaz is the co-op’s “Fresh Food Educator.” “You wouldn’t be able to walk into a big-box store and find dandelion greens or even ramps probably for that matter,” Shabaz said.


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Delta Employees Get $27 Million In Profit Sharing Checks

Delta Airlines profits reached new heights last year and on Tuesday, its employees were reaping the reward. Employees in Minnesota are splitting more than $27 million in profit sharing checks.



Delta Flight Attendants Sue Over Profit-Sharing

Six flight attendants for Delta Air Lines Inc. are suing the airline because their profit-sharing checks were smaller because of a union dispute.


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Delta Employees Get Huge Profit-Sharing Payout

Thousands of Minnesota employees at Delta Air Lines are getting bonus checks, because their company turned a huge profit.



Hormel Hands Out $16.3M In Profit-Sharing Checks

Hormel Foods Corp. has distributed a record $16.3 million in profit-sharing to its plant employees, including workers at its Austin plant.