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Good Question: ‘Reply All’: Fire Alarms, Parking Meters & PSY

We start off with this question from Randy In Sauk Rapids: In light of the recent apartment fire in Uptown known as a ‘three alarm fire’, I was wondering what constitutes a three alarm fire?


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JibJab Gangnam Style

We put Brendan’s son in a JibJab. You gotta check it out.


Holiday Lights

John Williams Video Smack Down For 11-27!

A Holiday Light Show goes Gangnam Style! Click the above LINK to see the video and vote on the Smack Down!


Photo Credit: TLC

Best Halloween Costumes Of 2012

Step away from the prepackaged Halloween costumes in a box. Get a bit creative and find some inspiration from today’s pop culture. Here are a few great costume ideas to get your Halloween creativity going.


Gangnam Style, Minnesota Style

Minn. YouTuber Strives For More Success With ‘Gangnam Style’ Parody

A group of Minnesota YouTubers hope their parody of the South Korean pop hit “Gangnam Style” makes it big. Their song, called “Minnesota Style,” has received more than 116,000 views as of Monday afternoon.