Public Workers

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Public Workers, Lawmakers In Heated Debate Over Raises At Capitol

A battle is underway at the State Capitol between public workers who say they need a raise and lawmakers who wonder if the state can afford it.


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Minn. Public Workers Get Governor Greeting

Minnesota state employees are returning for their first full week of work after a prolonged shutdown, and some got a handshake from Gov. Mark Dayton on the way in.


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MN Public Workers Fear Walker-Like Laws

Some Minnesota Republican senators want to save money by cutting pay and pension contributions for state workers, and Democrats don’t like it.


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Minn. Bills To Curtail Public Worker Pay Get Look

A state Senate committee has approved a bill that would prohibit public schoolteachers from striking.


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Reality Check: Pensions For MN, WI State Workers

Minnesota public workers already pay more for their pensions than public workers in Wisconsin.


Reality Check: MN Public Workers And Their WI Counterparts

Republican leaders in Minnesota say they’re not focused on legislation to remove collective bargaining rights.


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GOP Leaders: Deficit Fix To Involve Public Workers

Top legislative Republicans say Minnesota can’t solve a $6.2 billion budget shortfall without involving public employees.