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Franken Vs. McFadden Debate: Should There Be Travel Ban For Ebola?

WCCO hosted a debate between Democratic Sen. Al Franken and republican challenger Mike McFadden Sunday at 10 a.m. Here’s the first question.


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Good Question: Why Do eBooks Cost So Much?

Millions of Americans now get their books on Kindles, Nooks, or iPads, but there can be a sticker shock. New books can cost $12.99 or $14.99, which got us wondering: Why do eBooks cost so much? Good Question.


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2012 Think-Off Question: Is Humankind Good Or Evil

The Minnesota-based Great American Think-Off is posing a familiar question for its 20th annual debate.


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Minn. Tax Plan Raises Question: What’s Rich?

Lisa MacMartin says she and her husband are well-off. Greg Ferguson thinks he and MacMartin are members of the upper middle class. Just don’t call them rich.